At Nanaimo Registered Midwives, we are proud to be a teaching and mentoring practice affiliated with the UBC Midwifery Program. Our clients can expect to have midwifery students involved in their care.

rhonda stephens, rm ~ Midwifery Team of 2 w/ Cindy

Rhonda Stephens (she/her) came to Midwifery following an AH-HA! moment when her husband told her about a CBC interview with a midwife that he had heard. She had never heard of midwifery as a profession until then but had always had an interest in pregnancy, birth and babies. This started at age 7 when her little brother was born, and was reinforced when she had her own daughter many years later. She soon made the shift from a dull career in banking to working as a Pregnancy Outreach Worker and a Doula, before being accepted into UBC’s Midwifery program.

Rhonda offers a warm and caring attitude, with a side of humour. She gives evidence-based, non-judgmental information about the available options and believes that birthing people are the best ones to decide what works for them: home or hospital, unmedicated or epidural, breast or bottle, and everything in between. Rhonda has caught babies in various settings: big-city hospitals in Vancouver, small-town hospitals in Campbell River and Comox, a birth centre in El Paso Texas, and low-resource cities in Uganda, Africa.

Rhonda has been serving the families of Nanaimo since 2011. In her spare time, she loves traveling, getting her dogs dirty on epic walks, and hanging out with her family.

cindy storie-soth, rm ~ Midwifery Team of 2 w/ Rhonda

Cindy Storie-Soth’s journey into midwifery began with her first pregnancy, a transformative experience under the compassionate care of midwives in Victoria, BC. Their support empowered her to make choices make choices that she felt were best for her and her birth. Motivated by the desire to ensure that all women receive similar quality care, Cindy initially immersed herself in the roles of doula and childbirth educator. As her children grew, she took the leap to pursue the UBC midwifery program. Since 2017, Cindy has dedicated herself to full-time midwifery practice in Nanaimo.

Beyond her profession, Cindy finds joy in reading, swimming, traveling to warm countries with beautiful beaches, and cherishing moments with her two daughters, now young adults venturing out into the world.

Rebecca Vincent, rm ~ Solo Midwife

Rebecca (pronouns she/her) began her journey to midwifery while volunteering with Island Sexual Health Society, acting as both a doctor’s assistant and birth control educator. Working with Island Sexual Health emphasized the importance of inclusivity and informed decision making in reproductive healthcare. Rebecca obtained her B.Sc. in Microbiology from the University of Victoria and went on to complete a M.Sc. in the Reproductive and Developmental Sciences program at UBC. As a graduate student in the Faculty of Obstetrics and Gynecology she conducted research in the area of reproductive genetics. During this time she attended many lectures, workshops and courses related to maternal and fetal health which sparked her interest in maternity care and led her to apply to the UBC midwifery program.

Rebecca enjoys exploring the local beaches and trails with her 2 young children and husband, spending time with extended family who are all from the Island and of course, Netflix!

Kate LORIMER ~ 3rd year STUDENT Midwife (w/ Cindy & Rhonda)

Kate Lorimer is a 3rd year midwifery student who grew up in Whitehourse, Yukon but now calls Victoria, BC her home.  Birth has always been an interest of hers and she is passionate about advocating for personal choices and individualized care. Playing a role in how a person experiences pregnancy and birth is extremely important to her as a care provider. She was introduced to the midwifery model of care with the birth of her first child in 2008 and the impact of that led her on this midwifery path. After having her second child in 2014 under the care of my inspiring midwives, she knew it was something she was meant to do. As a steppingstone to her education and career, she has been so grateful to work in the Victoria birth community, helping families as their doula since 2017. She knows firsthand the difference midwifery care makes for families and she is so proud to be among such an inspiring team.  In her downtime she likes to get out to the woods as much as possible with her family. Her dog Luna insists on taking in all the flora and fauna on each walk! If not outside, she likes to knit or sew lots of little projects! 

Lindsay Brown, Medical Office Administrator

Lindsay, born and raised on Vancouver Island, considers herself very fortunate to call the Island home.  Under the care of midwives she brought 2 beautiful children into the world and spent the first 8 years of their lives caring for them full-time as a stay at home mom.  Lindsay then returned to school to pursue healthcare education. Studying to become a medical office assistant she was recognized for her achievements in Medical Transcription and Medical Office Administration.  Lindsay loves that her job is about supporting healthcare workers and in her role as an office administrator for Nanaimo Registered Midwives, interacting with midwives and newborns is the favorite aspect of her job. Outside of work, Lindsay enjoys spending quality time with her family exploring nature trails and beaches with their dog. They bond over movies, cooking, and storytelling, and in warmer months, they indulge in ocean activities like swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking, where Lindsay finds serenity.